Welcome to ESCS

ESCS is a virtual company that specialises in assisting individuals, companies or institutes in commercialising products in the early stages of drug development or registering medical device products on the Australian Registry of Therapeutics Goods (ARTG) or with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

Our business model is based on project managing a network of consultants and manufacturers to deliver projects for a specific application.

These projects require the coordination of regulatory and quality aspects as well as delivery of products specifications within both time and economic constraints.

Our main focus centres around the supply of sterile liquid products used either as medical devices e.g. perfusion media or organ storage media or in the culture of cells e.g. cell therapy or stem cell culture applications.

We also supply a range a qualified reagents for use in media formulations and a small range of associated products used in media applications.